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“The knock on effect of a data breach can be devastating. When customers start taking their business elsewhere, that can be a real body blow.”


COVID-19 Protection – Domainwatch Defender

$1 a month stops unwanted “clicks” on bogus links that aim to breach your security.

The COVID-19 lockdown means that we all now have to Work from Home (WHF). WFH exponentially increases the risk that one of your team will accidentally click on a link that exposes your organisation to a security breach. There are now over 30,000 domains related to coronavirus of which 99% are bogus. These have been set up by the bad guys to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Emails are sent from sites with legit-looking names, like covid-19.info or coronavirus.news, to take advantage of peoples curiosity and fear, with the intention breaching your organisation. Domainwatch Defender stops this by blocking emails that your staff might otherwise click on.

$1 a month per person is all you pay to significantly reduce your risk from ransomware, access and password theft and malware attack that steals your identity.  Sign up here today to protect your WFH team.



Sign up here today to protect your team.


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Early warning

Imaging you could measure your business's cyber risk in real time, anytime.


How likely is it that an attacker chooses your business for its next attack?


Cybersecurity budget

When it comes to investments in cybersecurity, a common practice for businesses is: 'Buy the best we can afford and let's hope it is enough.'


What if you could quantify your risk and not only measure your defences?


Protect your customers

Making sure your business or your trusted name is not misused to cause damage to your customers or partners is vital.​

Have you heard about supply chain hacking or scam web pages?



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who we are

Darkscope is the first joint human and AI business with a dedication to developing, training and using artificial intelligence to make our human expertise better. With its own cutting-edge AI and Deep Artificial Neural Networks - DANN scattered over the darknet, Darkscope leads the world of cyber intelligence solutions. Darkscope is a New Zealand based organisation working across international markets to deliver real world actionable cybersecurity solutions.



cyber interference:explained

It's not just foreign governments interfering with elections that we need to worry about - cyber interference can be used to destroy a reputation or cripple a business, and we need to know when it's happening to us.

Using the cyberworld to interfere with business processes to steal critical and valuable information, or denigrate a reputation, is now the largest criminal enterprise globally. State-sponsored cyber interference makes the headlines, but commercial cyber interference is a US$600 billion a year serious criminal business.

wiping your bum with your other hand

It's the least natural thing to do - to change your thinking from something that is ingrained from years of behavioral learning to something new. The only reason to change my thinking on cybersecurity was that it was fundamentally flawed, and the consequences of those flaws have significant impact. Unlearning flawed thinking is hard. It means we have had to re-learn about what our industry is and does. 


What we learned is that what we call cybersecurity, isn't. Most often it is network security. Sometimes it's application security or information security. 


No one vendor, product or service can deliver your cybersecurity needs - here's why.

What is commonly called cybersecurity is derived from network, information or infrastructure security. These products and services are good at what they do, but what they do is only part of what cybersecurity is. In the modern war against cybercrime, they can only deliver a small part of what your cybersecurity solution needs to be today. When we look at what and where the risks are, 70% are external to your organisation. Of the 30% that is internal, 80-90% of this risk is your own people. 






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