It's All About You!

Most cyber-attacks are personal - the good ones always are.
Threat intelligence shows what's threatening everyone. Darkscope cyber risk intelligence exposes what's threatening you.
While threat intelligence is valuable and should be an important part of your risk assessment tools, hackers have become far more sophisticated and targeted in their approach. Using the internet, social media and the darkweb, they can find more than 50,000 data points on you. Before they attack, they will know everything about your VIP's, your business partners and suppliers, your advertising, marketing and news stories, even your social calendar. The more they know, the easier it is to spam, spoof, hack or breach you.
Cyber Watchtower goes where the bad guys go. We look at what they are looking at, about you, so you will know if and when you’re their next target. With this information you can be better prepared for any attack.


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Threat Intelligence

Darkscope provides personalised threat intelligence. You can see if your websites or key staff or partners are being targeted. You can know if your intellectual property or private data or customer details have been stolen, or if you’re being targeted from the darkweb. 
With this information you can prepare your staff, partners, or customers to prevent being attacked.
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Threat Intelligence
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Darkweb Monitoring

Knowing what the bad guys are looking for, about you, in the darkweb gives you clues about how they might attack you, what they might be interested in stealing, and even if you’ve already been breached.
Darkscope has the best AI-driven search capability for darkweb monitoring. 
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Darkweb Monitoring
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Intellectual Property

Your know-how, intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets make you unique. When these are stolen and used against you, you have a serious problem. Knowing your IP is safe provides a level of security and assurance. Darkscope Cyber Watchtower can find if your IP has escaped your business, or if the bad guys are looking for ways to steal it. 
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Intellectual Property
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Cyber Risk assessment

Understanding your cyber risk, compared to your competitors, is the best way to assess how likely you are to be attacked. Darkscope Cyber Watchtower service rates and scores this risk for you, benchmark your cyber risk state against your industry within your region. 
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Cyber Risk Assessment