It's All About You!

Most cyber-attacks are personal - the good ones always are.
Threat intelligence shows what's threatening everyone. Darkscope cyber risk intelligence exposes what's threatening you.
While threat intelligence is valuable and should be an important part of your risk assessment tools, hackers have become far more sophisticated and targeted in their approach. Using the internet, social media and the darkweb, they can find more than 50,000 data points on you. Before they attack, they will know everything about your VIP's, your business partners and suppliers, your advertising, marketing and news stories, even your social calendar. The more they know, the easier it is to spam, spoof, hack or breach you.
Cyber Watchtower goes where the bad guys go. We look at what they are looking at, about you, so you will know if and when you’re their next target. With this information you can be better prepared for any attack.


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