Cyber Risk Score: First – Identify the Risk™

Instead of assessing your capability to protect against risk, the Darkscope Cyber Risk Score looks for the risks you need to defend against.

The correlation between knowing how good your defences are and your actual cyber risk is small, as has been repeatedly proven by the breaching of some well defended organisations. Your cyber risk almost entirely external to your organisation’s infrastructure. Rating your defences as your cyber risk score is like standing and admiring your wall, while a vast hoard of angry trolls is charging up behind you! If you don’t know what your risk is, what’s the point of having a wall?

“As we actually assess risk rather than look at the organisations ability to defend, we believe that this approach to delivering a Cyber Risk Score is smarter.” says Armstrong. “Virtually all other risk scores are benchmarking the organisation, which to our view is back-to-front when looking at cyber risk. We are looking for the angry trolls!”

The Darkscope Cyber Risk Score is the first global service that quantifies the cyber risk for an organisation by indexing the internet, social media and darkweb factors, rather than focusing only on the organisation. It delivers a heartbeat of the external activity that an organisation has no control over but affects its risk profile.

Participation in the trial does not require any work from the organisation, other than consent. “We don’t go near the organisations infrastructure and security”, says Armstrong, “but focus our efforts externally looking for what’s coming, which is the actual risk. Our service is proactive. As well as the constant monitoring provided by the Cyber Risk Score, we provide alerts where the activity warrants it.”